anniversary 25-years Nicolette Brunklaus design

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anniversary 25-years Nicolette Brunklaus design

Anniversary 25-years Nicolette Brunklaus design 1992-2002
I just realized that this year it’s the 25th anniversary of Brunklaus Amsterdam.
Time flies, while doing the things I love to do!
25 years of designing products that are timeless and sustainable, telling poetic stories and being an inspiration for many.
Often the designs were their time ahead.
I would like to take you on a trip down memory lane  wandering through time and celebrating. Here is part 1 the first 10 years.

It started out in 1992 with the cube-cabinets in collaboration with Lynne Leegte. The presentation of these cabinets at Loods 6 in Amsterdam became an succes and was the start of a lot more. Printing on furniture was a new way of decorating. Every cabinet fitted Glasses plates,cutlery and cups.

The designs that followed were textiles for 125 year anniversary of the  Bijenkorf (Department store). A duvet cover with buttoned print as a Chesterfield couch and a set of table linens. In 1998 I decided to start my own mailorder company with a small brochure and 9 products all handmade in my studio.
Soon there was my first webshop and pendant light Chandelier in 1998,  Shady tree 2002. The  Forest lamp ‘Shady tree’ has been a very popular pendant, and still sells worldwide. I started out with 3 colors in one size. Today we have 10 colors in 5 sizes.  A forest is printed on the inside of the lampshade I chose a forest to bring calm and nature into the home.
That same year I designed the Blond curtains in silk. Blond hair printed on silk moves by the atmosphere in the room .

Whether installed in a gallery or in a home, they are simultaneously beautiful and imposing, and elicit the sense of solitude a woman can affect when she covers her face with her hair.*(Colleen Hill, FIT).

In the next blog I will take you through 2003-2013

Nicolette Brunklaus
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