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Color Trend Report SS19 by Francq Colors

Our Arcitecture Tapestry showed up in the Color Trend Report SS19 by Francq Colors. The Acoustic Tapestries are a new solution on sound absorbing design, suited for private interiors as wel as public surroundings....

London Design Week 2017 at Mint

Blue Room at Mint London I am pleased to show The Tapestry Blue Room at Mint Gallery during the  London design week 2017. I will be present at the opening on the 21st of September. [caption id="attachment_4413" align="alignnone" width="450"] Publication in Elle Decoration UK[/caption]   2 North Terrace ·London SW3...

anniversary 25-years Nicolette Brunklaus design

Anniversary 25-years Nicolette Brunklaus design 1992-2002 I just realized that this year it’s the 25th anniversary of Brunklaus Amsterdam. Time flies, while doing the things I love to do! 25 years of designing products that are timeless and sustainable, telling poetic stories and being an...