During one of my visits to Norway my dear Norwegian friends told me about lake ‘Sognsvann’ just outside Oslo.
The lake was surrounded by tall green pine trees, reflected in the water, and during this walk along the lake I got the inspiration for a new lighting design.

I wanted to create a lighting object like a poem, combining the characteristics nature and with the use of completely opposite  materials like the water and the wood of Sognsvann. With the image of the tall green trees reflecting in the rippling surface of the water and the movement and the transparency of the water. Design a lighting object which moves you in new directions by telling stories.
So I photographed the reflection of the tall trees in the surface of the lake and transformed it into an abstracted green bleed of the trees and had this printed on silk.
This was the first design in the series of Oak and Silk pendant light collection,  a poetic, innovative lighting object where two opposite materials create an elegant yet playful design.
Soft moving silk banners caught is a sturdy oak-wood frame.

When illuminated, the silk banner becomes semi-transparent, showing the otherwise concealed bulb and moves when passing by or with a the slightest breeze.
Suspended from an oakwood canopy by a single grey textile cable, the shade of this eclectic pendant light features various color schemes in silk, hanging from its oak-wood frame.

Han van Dien
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