The ORIGINAL table lamp white Shady Tree

Ultimate Lighting Design

Sized at Ø 30 cm x 30 cm, the Shady Tree Forest Table Lamp stands as the epitome of lighting design. Ideal for placement in a corner on a side table, it serves as an ambient light source, casting a warm and inviting glow that transforms the atmosphere of your space.


Shady Tree table lights.
The Shady Tree table lamps are part of the Shady Tree lighting collection designed by the Nicolette Brunklaus. The Shady Tree table lamps either shows the screen printed image of a forest on the inside or on the outside.

Shady Tree White, the outside of the shade is white. The silhouettes of the trees in the forest will only be revealed once the light is turned on.

The Shady Tree Forest table lamp has its warm forest print on the outside making the forest is clearly visible, showing the trees in a color palette of yellow-ochres and natural browns.
It creates a window into a hidden forest in any environment.

These design table lights bring the quiet piece and ambiance of nature immediately inside your home or working space.

Through its size of Ø 30 cm x 30 cm this is an ultimate piece of lighting design to place in a corner on a side table as an ambient light.

Available in two variations as Shady Tree White table lamp or Shady Tree Forest table lamp