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Nicolette Brunklaus Amsterdam is a company with a personal attitude towards design. Our lighting collections are personal, intimate and poetic and have a strong visual identity.
We want to inspire people through our designs.  In our designs the passion for photography and our love for nature are clearly visible.

Our designs are inspired on harmonized, versatile color palettes combined with textures and images derived from nature, art and architecture. They allow the peaceful ambiance and calm of art and nature in your home or working space.

Next to being a designer Nicolette Brunklaus is a storyteller. Each product has its own story, which transforms your space in a poetic, intimate and unique atmosphere. That is why our customers often connect immediately with our lighting.

We like you to continue building on our original story by implementing our design in your lives and continue to tell your own story in your own environment.

Many of our products are declared design icons. The high quality and the variety of colors and sizes makes our collection well suited for many objectives like the hotel, hospitality and office market as well as for the private housing market.

All the products are handmade and produced in the Netherlands. All images are  taken by Nicolette Brunklaus.