Handmade Acoustic Tapestries

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Acoustic tapestries made by hand in Morocco

Handmade Acoustic Tapestries

When I had returned the first time from the tapestry studio in Sefrou, in April this year,  I brought a small series of tapestries with me to display in the studio. There I noticed the excellent characteristics of the pure thick wool. They where excellent ‘sound panels’.
This inspired me to design a series of unique ‘Acoustic Tapestries’.

This week I returned to this old tapestry craft studio in the middle of the Medina of Sefrou, where I was warmly welcomed by the local crafts women who helped and learned me a lot during my previous stay.

Next to explaining my new designs to them I work together with them, finishing the new hand-knotted tapestries coming from the loom by cutting the long tufts by hand with a simple pair of scissors.

The beauty of the pure, natural hand dyed wool allows me to create Acoustic Tapestries, acoustic panels in unique patterns and color palettes, functioning as pieces of art, enhancing the interior.

We will exhibit a series of 6 hand-knotted tapestries at the Dutch Designweek 2016 Eindhoven in the Gallery of the Piet Hein Eek building.

Nicolette Brunklaus
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