Design Years 2003 – 2013

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Orange Delight lamp with silkscreen printed flowers on the inside of the shade. When lit the orange glow fills the space.The big linnen poufs are handprinted silkscreen

Design Years 2003 – 2013

Designs Nicolette Brunklaus 2003 – 2013

Some of the designs between 2003 and 2013  have been icons, like the Delight pendant. With the flower pattern printed on the inside of the shade. When the light is turned on, the flower pattern shines through. The original was designed by me. This lamp has been an inspiration for many lighting companies worldwide 🙂

It was a  great challenge  to design pendants and floor lamps in collaboration with the US magazine Surface and Bombay Sapphire the Gin Brand. This project was presented in a club in New York.

Cycle of Life

In the same period I started to design more textiles with rich images in rough linens. Inspired on the jute bags from the 18th century.
I designed a collection with the title “Cycle of life”. Images of my childhood. Boarding school House of Anne, the old building photographed just before demolition. The rooms all in tact in the same state I once lived in. The O-Shape lamps with colored insides and big ovals cut outs. Revering to modern architecture and the Tin (Pewter Pots) from ages ago turned into a colorful modern print. This collection was presented in 2008 when I started to work in my new studio on IJburg a new island in Amsterdam.

New Studio

This studio has been such an inspiration, looking over the big IJ lake. My designs reflect the feel of the place. The oak and silk lamps fragile by the silk that moves with the air in the space and robust with the steady oak. I started to dry dahlias for the faded dahlia design and photographed the decay of the flowers for a year. Made collages of the needle point work from a great great aunt (19e century).
I collected birds and placed them in wallpaper and pillow fabric.

In these 10 years I designed products used by architects and a lot of my designs have been added to hotels, restaurants and offices worldwide.

Nicolette Brunklaus
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