Canvas Collage: New patterns, colors and design possibilities

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Canvas Collage: New patterns, colors and design possibilities

Twine Dutch designer Nicolette Brunklaus has designed the unique Canvas Collage carpet collection  Which reflects her love of substantial textile structure. Linen, loosely woven and faded, inspired the creative process. By assembling textures, colors and memories. Manipulating photos, which are specially selected according to the palette of colors and poetical meaning. The woven structure is the leitmotif in all variants in the Canvas Collage collection, an eclectic palimpsest of fading dahlias with a patchwork of colors and innovative forms.

In celebration of the 5-year anniversary, our bestselling Canvas Collage collection has been completely refreshed through the addition of new patterns and color combinations.While beautifully updating the Octo, Linen, Rewoven and Faded Dahlia designs, Canvas Collage is also enriched with Twine – a completely new design story inspired by the transparent linings of yarns and fringes.

To match the current design trends, brown, green and purple are kicking in as contemporary mood enhancers, leaving plenty of room for the eternal interiors favourites; beige, blue, red and grey.


Nicolette Brunklaus
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