‘Acoustic Tapestries’ at DDW 2016 – Eindhoven / 22-30 October

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‘Acoustic Tapestries’ at DDW 2016 – Eindhoven / 22-30 October


Nicolette Brunklaus likes to welcome you to the exhibition of

‘Acoustic Tapestries’ at DDW 2016.



A new solution on sound absorbing design.


Eye catching acoustic tapestries inspired by traditional craft.

During her artist in residency in Morocco designer Nicolette Brunklaus worked closely together with a local carpet knotter studio in Sefrou.
This collaboration inspired her to design a series of acoustic tapestries.

Where craft meets industry

The exhibition shows a collection of acoustic tapestries, hand-made in Morocco and machine-made in the Netherlands.
A new vision on  traditional sound panels is translated into designs of geometric abstractions and suggestive architectural spaces, composed of deep colours and refined lines.
This combination gives the collection a unique and timeless character.

An inspiring solution for architects.

Our tapestries can be designed in accordance to the character and function of the project.
This way all designs can be custom made and co-created in all sizes and colour schemes.
Resulting in unique sound panels that are merged with the surroundings.
High quality and effective soundproofing.

All the tapestries are 100% wool and produced with the maximum attention to high quality, durability and efficiency.
A consultancy with acoustic engineers has confirmed the effectiveness in sound absorbency of the tapestries.

Are you interested and want to know more?

Please visit us at our exhibition at the Piet Hein Eek Gallery and we will be happy
to inform you on all possibilities in order to help make your project unique and successful.

Piet Hein Eek Gallery
Halvemaanstraat 30

5651 BP Eindhoven
Opening hours

October 22 till October 29:  10.00 am – 21.00 pm

October 30:                             10.00 am – 18.00 pm

Nicolette Brunklaus
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