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Birds Wallpaper

“How can you bring nature into your room? By pretending your wall is a window, making your home seems to be surrounded by trees.” This idea was the inspiration of Nicolette Brunklaus for the Wallpaper collection

The collection is small but unique, poetic and personal. All images of the various pattterns are photographed by Nicolette Brunklaus herself on locations in outdoor nature. The color palette in blue-, grey and silvergreen tones is comforting and allows the peaceful ambianance of nature in your home.

Wallpaper Forest Nightblue

Available patterns are Wallpaper Forest Nightblue, Birch Wallpaper and Birds Wallpaper
This Forest wallpaper has been built up by 6 strips; panel 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Every single panel can also be bought separately.

Birch Wallpaper

The bright birch bark of the Birch Wallpaper with its vivid radiation brings the beauty of the outdoor nature inside in your home. Available in the designs Birch Blue and Birch Silver.

Birds wallpaper

Colourful birds are seemingly captured in a refined oval pattern, derived from the structure of a 16th century ceiling of an old German castle.
Available in the designs blue grey or dark grey.