Pillow Canvas CollageSfeerfoto canvas collage
Pillow Canvas Collage
Sfeerfoto canvas collage

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Pillow Canvas Collage no5

Pillow Canvas Collage: hand-crafted embroidery digitally re-invented

The Canvas Collage pillow collection is timeless, unique and intimate with a strong graphic identity.  The six different pillows evolve out of one linen sheet of 2 square meters with primary colours and enlarged linen printed textile structures. This results in six unique pillows.


Digital printing on pillow Canvas Collage

Digital printing techniques translate the twentieth-century embroidery into a modern design. The printed textile structure on the pillow Canvas Collage gives the look of roughly woven cushion covers. Once touched by hand one can feel the smooth surface of high quality cotton canvas.

Design with a twist

Design with a twist in a play of printed patterns and used materials. The spectator is misled by the printed expression of rough linens. Therefore it brings a completely new look with an ambiguous feeling.
Linen reflects the woven structures of worn fabrics from long ago. There are six different designs.

Hand-made Dutch design

All pillows are handmade of high quality natural cotton with a keen eye for small details. Complete with zipper and inner pillow. Exclusively produced and printed in The Netherlands on high quality cotton-canvas for Nicolette Brunklaus Amsterdam.

Additional information


Nicolette Brunklaus

Year of Design


Size (W x H)

50 x 35 cm




High quality cotton-canvas


Abstract geometrical pattern


The Netherlands


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