Shady tree 55 dark grey
Shady tree 55 dark grey


Lamp shade Tree 55 cm

The Lamp shade Tree brings nature into your home.

The Shady Tree  pendant lamp brings nature into your home.
The sober, classic design with the image of a forest on the inside of the lamp  in tempered color tones creates a comfortable ambiance .
Applied in public spaces our Shady Tree pendant lights make you feel at home.

Available in five dimensions and nine different colors.

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The lamp shade Tree 

At first sight the Lamp shade Tree pendant looks like a  classical lampshade. But nothing less is true. The secret image of a natural forest is visible on the inside. Once you turn on the light, the trees will appear as peaceful silhouettes on the outside of this semi translucent pendant design lamp.

Except for the Shady Tree White which is non-transparent. It keeps its secret forest hidden inside.
When you look inside the lamp-shade you will be drawn into the relaxing ambiance of  #nature.

Bring the beauty of nature inside your home

Our  Lamp shade Tree pendant lights are characterized by the image of a peaceful forest. It brings nature inside your house. When seated under this magic pendant lamp you are pulled inside into nature’s rest.

Lamp shade Tree is available in five dimensions, each in nine appealing colors, a real statement in any interior

We deliver the forrest lamp Shady Tree, Lamp shade Tree, pendant lights in five different dimensions of which each size is available in nine appealing colors. The pendant lamps create an authentic atmosphere, inspired by nature. Suitable for any interior in private homes as well as in projects such as hospitality and  office buildings. They are the excellent lighting object for the use in clusters or series, providing unique light installations to each specific environment.

Hand-crafted in The Netherlands,

The Shady Tree pendant lamps are handmade in The Netherlands with the keenest eye for details and quality.
The original image made by Nicolette Brunklaus is screen-printed by hand on the inside.

Together with the Glowing Oak wire set this pendant light becomes a unique lighting object.
Has to be ordered separately.

We also offer lampshades for floor lamps


Additional information


Nicolette Brunklaus

Year of Design


Size (W x H)

Available in 5 sizes: 38 / 55 / 76 / 90 / 110 cm, 15 / 21 / 30 / 35 / 43 inches


Vinyl & Cotton


Natural Forest


The Netherlands


Only clan with dry soft, cotton cloth




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