Chandelier design pendant lampChandelier In Seignerurs de Clarence
Chandelier design pendant lamp
Chandelier In Seignerurs de Clarence


Chandelier pendant lamp 50cm

The Chandelier pendant lamp, an eclectic design with wit and ambiguity.

By using the image of an authentic, antique crystal chandelier, printed on the outside of a cylindrical lampshade this pendant light soon had become a design icon.

Together with the Glowing Oak wire set this pendant light becomes a unique lighting object.

If you always wanted to have a chandelier above your dining table and you like the the ambiguity and the humor of this eclectic translation of an antique chandelier, this Chandelier is the perfect design for you.

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With the Chandelier pendant lamp Nicolette Brunklaus created an eclectic light design with wit and ambiguity. Back in the days, being a student, she wanted to have a real antique crystal chandelier above her dining table. She couldn’t afford it at that time, but now it was an inspiration for a new design.

Applying a classic image of an antique chandelier on a seemingly everyday product, Nicolette Brunklaus created a unique lighting design.

An elegant black and white image, printed on the white lampshade, allows a story of ancient times inside any interior.

Private housing

The Chandelier pendant lamp is a perfect light object above a dining room table, in a living room or a bedroom. This highly decorative pendant light casts direct light down, and at the same time it gives a touch of the classic atmosphere to the surrounding space.

The Chandelier comes in three sizes: small, medium and large.

Together with the Glowing Oak wire set this pendant light becomes a unique lighting object.

Project lighting

The Chandelier pendant lamp is also very suitable in hospitality projects like hotels or restaurants.

The Chandelier pendant lamp is hand-made Dutch design with an eye for high quality and details, produced in The Netherlands.

Additional information


Nicolette Brunklaus

Year of design


Size (W x H)

38 x 48 cm (14,9 x 18,9 inches) / 50 x 48 cm (19,7 x 18,9 inches) / 100 x 48 cm (39,4 x 18,9 inches)


Black and White


Vinyl, cotton, steel wired frame


Modern Chandelier


The Netherlands


Only clean with soft dry cloth


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