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New hand-woven pillows from Sefrou

New hand-woven pillows from Sefrou

Today I picked the colors for a new series of hand-woven pillows at the weaving studio of Mustapha in Sefrou. The rich wool in beautiful color palettes inspire me to make new, enhancing designs. Again I aim to translate traditional handcraft and pure, natural material  in timeless,...

Acoustic tapestries made by hand in Morocco

Handmade Acoustic Tapestries

When I had returned the first time from the tapestry studio in Sefrou, in April this year,  I brought a small series of tapestries with me to display in the studio. There I noticed the excellent characteristics of the pure thick wool. They where excellent...

Artist in residency Sefrou, Morocco

When I took off for Morocco I just didn't know what to expect. Rushing out of my hectic Western life in the early morning I found myself thrown back for ages in the quiet ambiance of a four hundred year old Jewish house in the...


During one of my visits to Norway my dear Norwegian friends told me about lake ‘Sognsvann’ just outside Oslo. As it was a beautiful summer I decided to take the local bus to see the lake. When I arrived I was pleasantly surprised to find such...